Wednesday, October 26, 2016

VMware ESXi - vmkvsitools

This blog article is about a very useful command master command with the name vmkvsitools which can retrieve specific information about the host and ESXi processes. The name is a short name for “VMkernel Sys Info Tools”. Sounds interesting? Let’s dig into it.

You find vmkvsitools under /usr/sbin/vmkvsitools. Vmkvsitools includes the below shown 16 subcommands which are a link to /bin/vmkvsitools (/bin is a link to /usr/sbin). That means you don’t have to put vmkvsitools in front of these commands. I am sure certain ones you have seen before like ps, vdf, update etc. but you eventually never knew that they were part of vmkvsitools. First let’s see what the command has when using help.

~ # vmkvsitools -h
usage: -h [options] [function] [arguments]
      or [function] [arguments]

  --cache, -c    Perform the operation on a given VSI cache file


Please follow the link to find out about these functions.


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